The members of the Board of Lynden Gate Residents Ltd are as follows (as of the 16th Jan 2019). If you would like to send an email for the attention of the Board please send it to

NameRole/Area of responsibilityAddress
Adam Kahan Chair, and HR 2 Beaufort Close
Peter Brazier Deputy Chair, Finance, Company Secretary, and Gardens 16 Beaufort Close
Polly Conway Social, and Social media

10 Beaufort Close

Anu Barua Neighbourhood Watch, Social 19 Seaton Close
Paul Jagla Redecoration Planning 9  Beaufort Close
Alex McPherson Parking 34 Seaton Close
Peter Franklin Web, e-communications, Planning Applications

23 Seaton Close

Vicky Hawthorn Gardens

34 Beaufort Close

All the members of the Board are owners of properties on the estate.